water resources in Kenya

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Water Resources

  • Pre-feasibilities and Feasibility Studies for Irrigation Schemes, which include; The Ahero and West Kano Irrigation schemes project, Munyu and Thwake dam’s feasibility study and Sioyi dam feasibility study.
  • Water supply projects, which include; - Kapenguria water supply feasibility study, - Machakos/Konza North Block 1/391,
  • Rhino Watch Lodge EIA on Proposed borehole development,
  • Gulf Energy and Gulf Power Boreholes in Industrial Area and Athi River, respectively,
  • Safaricom Investment Cooperative Society Ltd.
  • Blue Gardens Apartments borehole,
  • Kilome / Mikuyu Water supply and sanitation
  • Limuru Water and Sewerage Company No.s 5 boreholes in Karabaine and Lari Locations,
  • Bungoma Water Supply Project, (EU funded).
  • Oxfam GB funded Community Water Projects in Shidley, Ogorji, Boji yare, Batalu, Tarbaj, Eresteno, Qudama, Wajir Bor, Ibrahim Yare, Jayjay
  • Norwegian Refugee Council funded Community Water Projects within Hagadera Refugee Camp
  • Danish Refugee Council funded Community Water Projects in Liboi, Nuno, Harjabs, Abdillegab and Malailey towns
  • Dam Development Planning - Mwachi Dam study, - Bonyunyu dam development study.
  • EIA project report for the proposed borehole drilling project on plot LR 23124/48 Ongata Rongai

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